ICC profiles for gaming with AMD and 4k HDR displays


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Nov 13, 2021
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Okay, so umm lots of umm cheap fake or OLED displays suck.
But like samsung have had FULL COLOR VOLUME since 2013!
though they never said which colourspace.. was it DCI p3? or a much newer one? even all of rec2020 is maybe 60 something %ish of full true universal colorspace possible in reality or the visible spectrum. Anyway point is, for printing and content creation accurately specifically matching tuning and calibrating expensive displays so you know you get what you see on all displays and its as accurate as possible is important.
But umm for gaming I just want it to look amazing and use all the colour and ability my display can dish out!
now for printers and for umm OLED trash if you use too much colour or brightness the thing burns up and explodes in minutes days or weeks or months.
But my neo QLED has like a 10 year no burnin guarantee and 2000 nits of HDR.
By using windows color management i could find rec2020 and BT.2020 reference display icc. and some 2100-1 HLG variant of rec2020?
but theres something like BT2390-3 or some thing newer now as rec 2020 is from like 2015?
where the heck do i get these color profiles and how can i be sure they arent crippled into some inferior displays color profile?
you see umm my display does like 88-98% i'd imagine of rec2020 whatever according to incompetent reviewers who wanna sell more fake OLED displays for the cost of real ones.
Well umm using windows calibration software and just loading rec2020 and reapplying all my AMD adrenaline drivers one by one in settings off and on a few times to get them working and editing game config files from alt tabbing in say resident evil village with like 1080p HDR 120hz 10 or 12bit with 10bit pixel output enabled. Makes my games speed up worlds faster when calibrate gamma and have a gamma value set so its not infintely layering shadows!
adjusting my adrenaline brightness contrast and saturation slider to pretend calibrate my display makes the light sources in the game and lighting more life like! its amazeballs fantastic.
i game faster than ever looking better than ever. But you see.. why stuff around with all these crippled limited colourspaces? cant we just visible light spectrum for everything and label each display as X% of visible light spectrum since we all know they got wonky colour graphs and charts anyways and to most peoples eyes unless you going to print or remaster and mass produce content its not much of an issue?
how can i set my AMD GPU which a radeon VII which cost $700 smokes a nvidia titan RTX and leave it for dead in the dust and is vastly graphically superior.. I have a 5700xt and gaming like king of the world.. wish i had the ray tracing and the radeon pro render enabled (unreal engine 5 supports it)
anyway.. i googled for quite a while and all the ICC profiles are secret hush hush up criminals butts. is there some reason i cant "universal colour, all of it go out your GPU to the display and it does what it can?"
screw all that tone mapping shit for fake nvidia hardware! and their pretend we've got hardware with CUDA software.
my resident evil village is terrifyingly life like looking!! all that fake stuff where each company needs to make fake rtx standards so nvidia can keep pretending is bullshit. Why when theres only true shadows and true light real light spectrum.. do nvidia have to fake shadows and fake lighting then force everyone to use their fake shit default and force microsoft and unreal and cry engine and VULKAN to all make their own fake RTX profiles for nvidia! instead of just the one scientifically accurate simply uses the hardware one? its like the color control in the hardware of the GPU! get it right retards!
morons pretend nvenc is better when they never once direct passthrough or direct transfer to AMD hardware with proper licenced HEVC or other formats to AMD hardware. if they did they'd throw themselves out a window criminal retards been accepting bribes for certain!
anyway how to umm. get a color ICC profile for gaming thats the last year or two so it matches the tech in my display better or to its max?