Unable To Share "Documents" Folders on Same Network


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Jan 28, 2022
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I have two computers on the same network, a desktop with Win11 Pro, and a laptop with Win10 Pro.
The network is Private with Automatic Setup selected on both computers.
The desktop is connected via Ethernet, and the laptop is connected via 5G Wi-Fi.
Both computers have Share Everyone, Read/Write access for all folders.
Both computers can access all of each other's folders/files except the Documents folders/files.
The laptop returns only "My Files in Dropbox" when Documents is selected from the desktop. No laptop Documents files are shown.
The desktop returns "Outlook Files", in addition to "My Files in Dropbox" when Documents is selected by the laptop. No desktop Documents files are shown.
I want to share files from the Documents folders between the two computers.
I'd appreciate any suggestions and recommendations.


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