Bluetooth will not work on my Dell since I upgraded to Windows 11


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Nov 6, 2021
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I updated to Windows 11 two days ago. Today I discovered that my Bluetooth is not working. I cannot connect my wireless headphones to my Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series computer. When I try, it says, "Couldn't connect," and tells me to turn on Bluetooth. I cannot figure out how to turn on Bluetooth. There is no Bluetooth symbol in the bottom right hand corner of my screen.

I have gone to Device Manager and found "Bluetooth" listed (but only after clicking "view' and asking to see hidden devices.) I have a list of items under "Bluetooth" but the blue Bluetooth symbol looks "grayed out". I've checked to see if I have the most recent drivers and Windows says I have the most recent drivers. I've even downloaded the Commqual driver for Bluetooth from Dell and it has not fixed the problem either.

I did not have this problem on Windows 10. I could connect Bluetooth items just fine. This has only happened since I upgraded.


Sir Vagus Mus

Nov 9, 2021
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Try to uninstall the bluetooth driver(s) in device manager; restart the PC, then install the driver(s) from Dell. Would help to know if we are talking about a Tower or Laptop PC also.


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