Can't connect to computer 2 from computer 1


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Aug 4, 2021
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I had a Windows 2003 server and it worked fine until it died. I made a newer server using Windows Server 2008 std. The old server was a PDC named domain1. The new server I tried to make was Domain2. It has a problem with the domain2 and the domain2 is turned off.

I have 2 computers that are also on the network, computer 1, a Windows 10 Home and computer2, a Windows Pro. I used to connec from computer 1 to computer 2 by simply supplying computer 2's UN and Password. But it stopped working a week ago.

The interesting thing is that I can remote desktop from computer 1 to computer 2. And from the remote window, I can click on the network icon and open computer 1 and connect to the files.

Any thoughts?

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