Early Look At The Upcoming Windows 11 AI-Based Wallpaper Effects

Xploit Machine

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Nov 29, 2022
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A couple of months ago, users discovered a few intriguing strings inside Windows 11 preview builds. The code suggested Microsoft's desktop operating system would get AI-powered wallpaper effects, making the desktop background more lively and engaging. Now we have our first early look at the upcoming feature powered by artificial intelligence.

Twitter user Albacore (@thebookisclosed) has published a short video demoing the new parallax effect applied to the desktop background in Windows 11. The effect adds the illusion of depth to your wallpaper and shifts different image layers when you hover the cursor around. According to Albacore, the feature should work on systems with accelerometers (the wallpaper shifts when you interact with a tablet or laptop) and PCs without dedicated sensors (tied to mouse movements).

It is great to see Microsoft implementing AI-based features in Windows 11 not only for productivity (check out our Build 2023 coverage here) but also for fun. There is no information on when the new wallpaper effects will be available for testing, and the hardware compatibility is currently a mystery. Albacore says the demoed implementation is still unfinished, so keep an eye on the upcoming Windows 11 preview builds in the Canary and Dev channels. Microsoft may announce it in one of the updates or ship it hidden and unannounced in one of the future preview builds.​


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