Importing Gmail Contacts into Outlook


Nov 14, 2021
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Is there a way to import gmail contacts into Outlook and ignore duplicates?

I've been trying for many moons to keep my Outlook contacts synced with my gmail contacts.

So far, the only way I've found ist delete all contacts in Outlook an then import. The only issue with that is ohe cannot mass delete Outlook contacts. Seems I can only delete 10 contacts at a time.

Any way around this?


Xploit Machine

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Nov 29, 2022
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Which Outlook, the Outlook Mail (New) in Windows or Microsoft Outlook? both are different ..

The Shadow 2023

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Jan 22, 2023
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Years ago, when I was trying to decide on a user friendly email program, of course, I tried Outlook. Sorry guys, but I found it seriously Lacking! Likewise many of my customers of the time.
Outlook Express wound up being my choice of an every day email program. That was followed by Windows Mail, which MS decided to 86'. I found a way (hack) to make Windows mail work in Windows 7 and 8.1. But every MS Update would Kill it. And, I'd have to re-initialize it.
Enter Windows 10 and 11. Windows Mail would not work at all, so I went shopping!

Through a friend, I found O.E. Classic. It's an Outlook Express/Windows Mail clone. It's feature rich, and Very user friendly.
The only draw back, if you want to call it that, is that Google demands an App Password, to use it.

The process to get an App Password is a real rat maze, but the effort was well worth it. There is a U-Tube video that explains, in detail, exactly how to generate an App Password for Gmail. I recorded that video, for future reference.

Outlook? Absolutely, NO WAY!


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