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Jan 2, 2022
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Being under a very very very old win7, customized, tweaked, un_customized/tweaked, with tons of software installed and uninstalled, his strange behavior at times led me to try Win11.
I have to add that with a dying eyesight I use windowblinds and dark/black themes and the ability of Win10 and 11 to use a dark interface was a big plus.

Was... Because after trying, I just can say that this is a pathetic from microsoft from installation screens jumping back and forth from low to high, no dark interface, dark windows from desktop opening white ones, the §%$£@# start menu, the more and more deeply hidden what was usefull for setting things, replacing them with bling bling choices and so many disappointments, the close session being one not present in the start menu BUT with a right clicl on it.

The essence of this era being the levelling to the ground in the society, it's also true from developpers in big tech companies obviously !

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