Pixilation Crash


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Jun 11, 2024
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Anyone else had your system crash in the form of sudden pixelation of the main screen (not the second monitor) ? Facts/features of my crashes are:
  1. Almost always when using Google Earth. I THINK I saw it a long time ago while in some other app. (??) Have not had it happen recently when using anything but Google Earth.
  2. Happened in Win 10 too, not just Win 11. Been running Win 11 since Jan 2024.
  3. Since I always use Chrome as default browser, that browser has always been present when it happens.
  4. Machine is totally disabled. Nothing works. Only way out is full power down and back up using tower power switch.
  5. Disease going on for probably a year or more. Once I realized it was happening while in Google Earth (which I used randomly only a few times a year) I got it to happen more often by exercising Google Earth more. Twice in 24hrs just now.
  6. I am almost ready to say I can make it happen by launching Google Earth and continuing to play with it for many minutes.
  7. Resembles symptoms of "non-Virus-Viruses" like captcha, etc. Pixelation is roughly 1/8" size all over the screen (main screen only, 27" size monitor) with some pieces in strips (vertical or horizontal) and some in individual 1/8" size square spots.

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