How to Change the Default Browser in Windows 11

How to Change the Default Browser in Windows 11

Microsoft have made changing the default browser a little more complicated in Windows 11, but with a little work it is easy enough to change your browser away from the default of Edge. You'll need to already have Chrome, Firefox or your alternate browser installed already before following this guide to switch defaults.
  1. To begin, open Windows Settings by pressing ⊞ Win + I.
  2. Then click Apps > Default Apps:


  3. Now browse the list to look for the browser you wish to set as the new default, then click it:


  4. You will need to assign the new browser to multiple file types. Please click on each of the following extensions (htm, html, shtml, xht, xhtml, ftp, http and https) and choose your new browser using the selection screen:


    You may get a pop-up box to try and encourage you to stick with Edge as the default browser, but you can click the switch anyway button to bypass this.
Next time you click a link or open a .html file, you'll be using your new browser of choice!
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