Ethernet Unidentified Network- Default gate way not available


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Feb 28, 2024
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This is regarding Windows OS connectivity issue.

Below is what’s going on:

1- When we connect PC_A (Win11) directly to PC_B (Win11 or 10), we get a healthy link and ping is successful. No problem at this point.

2- when we connect the same PC_A to a board with a PHY chip, we also get a healthy link and things look fine. No problem here also.

3- when we connect PC_B to a board with a PHY chip, link comes up but PC_B shows unidentified network and default gateway not available. We tried all available remedies on the net with no luck.

As mentioned above, PC_A was the only PC with no problem. It had the specific Win11 build # 22000.1936

Any other build or version didn’t work. We don’t know why.

Looking further into it, we found that the driver and outranked driver page looked different in the successful and unsuccessful scenarios.

a- first image is PC_A driver details page in case PC_A is connected to PC_B or connected to PHY (healthy).

b- 2nd image is PC_B driver details page in case PC_B is connected to PC_A (healthy).

c- 3rd image is PC_B connected to PHY. Note the contents of the red box and compare with (a) and (b).

How can I fix the situation in (c) such that it behaves normally as in (a) and (b) above?




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