Windows cannot access Ethernet network PC


Dec 5, 2021
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I have an Ethernet switch connecting a NAS, a printer, a Broadband router and 4 PCs:
Dell Dimension, WinXP Pro
Dell Optiplex GX620, Win7 Ultimate
Dell Precision T1600, Win11
Dell Precision T5810, Win 10 (21H2)

The Optiplex died last week and I replaced it with a Dell Precision T1700, Win 11. I reconfigured its network settings to my workgroup name, set the network to 'Private' with network discovery ON, auto setup ON, file and printer sharing ON, password protected sharing OFF. Login name is the same for all machines.
The T1700 cannot 'see' the Dimension or the NAS under 'Network' in File Explorer.
The T1600 and T5810 both appear, but only the T1600 is accessible - clicking on T5810 produces the Network error message 'Windows cannot access \\T5810' followed by 'You do not have permission to access \\T5810. Contact your network administrator to request access.'
Both the T1600 and T5810 can see the T1700 - there is just one drive C, which is shared with Everyone-Full Control, but only some directories are accessible eg Users and Program Data. The directories Program Files, Program Files (x86) and Windows all produce the 'Windows cannot access \\T1700....' error message, even after setting shares on the individual directories.
The other PCs are all visible and accessible to each other, as was the old Optiplex - I need the T1700 to have that same functionality.
What do I need to do to achieve this?

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