Insiders in the Dev Ring with an i7-6700T CPU can get Win11


Jun 29, 2021
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I thought I'd just post this quickly. I am running an i7-6700T CPU and it's one that's not supported as it doesn't meet the minimum hardware requirements but, the update went smoothly and once downloaded, install was extremely quick (less than 20 minutes). So far, and it's early days but everything is smoother. It doesn't look like a resource hog either. There's definitely going to be a learning curve and I've already found things I miss such as the action center where I could quickly click the screen snip icon and cut a screenshot. There are also some items like widgets not showing but it may be hardware related. I think I'll continue with it for a few builds at least and see how things are going.

That said, at the moment, from install and use, things are very smooth. Cheers.

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