Kernel-Mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection suddenly off?


Jul 21, 2022
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Hello community

I got a yellow mark on the Windows Security icon at the taskbar. Then I clicked on it and landed on Windows Security page. The furthermore I found this message: "Kernel-Mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection suddenly off?" The I was told that the recommended setting is to turn it on. I did so. But then something unusual happened, my taskbar internet connection notification says I'm not connected to the internet BUT, actually, the computer is connected to the internet, and I can browse the internet. I'm also sending this thread from the very same laptop. So, I don't understand why it no longer shows that I'm connected and instead shows that I'm not connected to the internet. I tried to disconnect from the current Wi-Fi and connected with another and I do see the notification that the computer is connected. But when I return to connect with this very same Wi-Fi, I see the icon indicating not connected even though I'm actually connected. I restarted the system to try and see if it will come back normal but no, it still says no connected.

Should I turn this feature off or leave it like that and just adjust my mind to say even if it says not connected, it is actually connected. I understand this is an important security feature in windows, though, so it may not be recommended to turn it off. The problem would be when there is no connection, I won't be able to make the difference. Please help.

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