Lost my Windows account on my new Surface

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May 10, 2022
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I have just purchased a new Surface Pro 8, but when I connected OneDrive to my online one, it annoyingly used an old user name under C:\users. As a result, software on this device would not work because it referred to an initialisation file on OneDrive. Because the OneDrive path was different on this tablet to the one on the laptop, it could not find it.
I googled for a way to rename that folder name under C:\users, as it seems impossible to do by right clicking the file/folder in Explorer and selecting Rename. A post suggested creating a new temporary account with Admin rights, and using that to rename the folder.
One might ask why, Microsoft, I could not just rename that folder so it conformed to the names on the other devices? Why should I have to do it from a different account?
Anyway, I duly created a new account and renamed that folder, and signed out. When I tried to log back into my original account, it displayed "Preparing Windows" for 20 mins, then brings up a very meagre desktop, with a completely empty taskbar and a message "We can't sign you into your account", and telling me to sign out and back in again, which I have done many times, always with the same result (or rather, lack of result).
This is a serious problem for me and the team. Could anyone help?


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