Files copied to OneDrive appear to be lost forever


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Mar 10, 2022
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I run Windows 11 and decided to try OneDrive. I thought that MS was kindly offering me some cloud storage. I started copying over some folders that I wanted to retain. Now, some weeks later, I wanted to recover something. No luck! The folders, subfolders, and subsubfolders are there. But when you open a folder and hope to see a file, nothing! All the actual files have gone, been deleted I suppose. I did not ask for OneDrive to be there. It seems to have come with the OS. Let me add that nothing I copied is shared. Also, what I attempted to copy was less than 1 GB. If this a regular feature of OneDrive, it would be good for users to be warned.



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Mar 6, 2022
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The storage capacity of OneDrive is 1 TB per user with a total of 5 users on the family plan bringing the overall total to 5 TB. How are you accessing the OneDrive files? I am asking because I faced something similar and when taking a little more time to look into what was happening I was viewing my local OneDrive folder and not the web storage. Try using the web login by going to "" (without the quotes, of course) and login from there.


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