Removal of the Text Word "Search" to the Right of the Search Icon in some versions of Build 25182 and the two previous builds


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Dec 24, 2021
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In order to receive feedback from Insiders regarding the Search Icon in the taskbar, MS has added the text "Search" to the right of the Search Icon on the taskbar for some, not all users running one of the latest three "Dev" versions of the Insider builds. I, unfortunately, was one of those chosen to get this unfortunate version and I have given them plenty of feedback regarding my displeasure. I am one of those users that like to use the taskbar for application shortcuts and I place about 30 on the taskbar. With the recent addition of the "Taskbar Overflow" Icon, a user can place many, many shortcuts on the taskbar and is now able to easily get to those shortcuts. But I still would prefer being able to actually see as many of those shortcuts on the taskbar as possible without having to resort to the Taskbar Overflow Icon, itself. Unfortunately, the text adjacent to the Search Icon takes taskbar space that could be used for another shortcut, and since virtually anybody over the age of 6 knows that the magnifying glass Icon is the Search Icon, the test is certainly not necessary.

I would like to remove the text adjacent to the Search Icon, but can find no way to do so. So far the only solution is to simply remove the complete Icon, itself and then use a right click on the Start button to get to "Search". I'd rather not do that.

Any suggestions on how to remove the text?

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