There are a few things I want Windows 11 to look like "classic" or Windows 10


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Jan 5, 2024
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My first PC was The IBM PC model 5150. I have always use CLASSIC Desktop since Windows 10 as at my age,86 [years], Windows 11 it is too 'busy' and I want a "computer" and a social media device.

1. Because a PC's screen is rectangular and square or like a sheet of paper, I have always liked my Menu on the LEFT SIDE of screen. Windows11, it would do that. How does one move it to vertical on left side without CLASSIC, Win 7,8,9,10.....
2. For me, Windows 11 was too much of a radical change so I like CLASSIC... Since new PC's are Win 11, and I upgraded my PC, I am stuck with Windows which I really dislike.
Anyone help me find and point me in the right direction for CLASSIC on my new PC?

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Nov 29, 2022
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Hello and Welcome,

There are few tweakscan be done via easy method or advanced method, depending on the user's capability. The easier method is via downloading Windows Blinds application and make changes from there (remember Windows Blinds is NOT FREE). On the other side is by using Open Shell tool via .. Otherwise via registry tweaking method (which brings back Windows Classic look-a-like) for advanced users which is harder way.

OpenShell Tweaking Screenshot as Below;


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Jun 14, 2022
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Hi Jagman,

to solely put the Windows 11 taskbar to the left (thus opening the startmenu to the left), see here:

Openshell is very nice for the Start menu (the vertical menu above the start button). It's like Windows 10; instructions how to use it are here:

But many also want the old taskbar back (the horizontal icons at the bottom). The best way to do that is to install "Explorer Patcher" (; click on "ep_setup" under the latetest version to download ! When installed you can acces the options by rightclicking an empty space on the taskbar and chose "Properties".
It has a lot of options, which are explained in detail here:

And finally, if you also want vertical menus on your taskbar icons (submenus for your taskbar icons), there is "TrueLaunchBar": (It only works, when you installed "Explorer Patcher" before).
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