Win11 setup & passwords


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Apr 22, 2022
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I frequently acquire and configure WIn 11 on new laptops etc. The requirement for a Microsoft account & an internet password/pin makes life difficult as in most cases its impractical when setting the PC up for a third party.

At present all I do is wipe the disk and install either windows 11 or 10 if the client so chooses from a USB disk with no internet. Even then win 11 it wants o establish a local a/c with 3 memorable phrases again this isn't realy practical.

I fully apprecaite in these times with all the scams around that having properly setup security is preferable, but to insist an this in this manner is not really practical.

I generally advise clients to establish a microsoft account with backup phone no and alternative emails addresses, but to force it is going over the top.

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