Film and TV app won't let me flick through videos in the same File Explorer folder


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May 29, 2022
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Hi all,

I collect a lot of camera trap footage. I download all the footage, which are typically 10-20 second videos, into a single folder. This can often be hundreds of clips.

When I used Windows 10, the Film and TV app would alow me to navigate through the videos one by one and delete those that are of no use to me. But since I upgraded to W11, it won't alow me to do this. I now have to tediously open each video one by one, opening and closing the Film and TV app each time. This turns a 20 mins process into one that now takes hours.

How can I change this so I can just use the arrow keys to flick through each video in a folder in succession in the Film and TV viewer?

Any help appreciated. Cheers, R


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