Microsoft & Intel Collaborate On AI For Windows 11 PCs

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Nov 29, 2022
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Intel and Microsoft have joined forces to drive the development of artificial intelligence (AI) on Windows 11 PCs. The companies aim to bring new AI-enabled features and capabilities to PC users, revolutionizing how we interact with technology. At Microsoft's Build 2023 conference, Intel showcased the upcoming Meteor Lake PC processors, highlighting their architecture and the powerful AI capabilities they offer. This collaboration sets a significant milestone in the evolution of personal computing and opens up new possibilities for innovation across industries.

Intel's latest PC platform introduces a revolutionary "chiplet" SoC design. This design allows for optimizing segment-relevant performance while reducing power consumption. Intel said Meteor Lake's AI accelerators on the CPU and GPU provide improved performance for running AI models efficiently, enabling a wide range of AI applications on PCs.
Meteor Lake developers can look forward to:
  • Leveraging developer tools, including ONNX Runtime support enabled through OpenVino-EP and DirectML-EP.
  • More effective machine learning on WinML/DirectML for acceleration of neural VPU and GPU.
  • Microsoft Studio Effects including background blur, eye automatic-framing, voice focus.

One of the key features of Meteor Lake is its built-in neural VPU (Vision Processing Unit), a dedicated AI engine integrated directly into the SoC. This neural VPU enables the efficient execution of AI models and empowers the PC with enhanced multimedia capabilities and more effective machine learning.

Intel meteor lake processor

One notable example is the integration of AI capabilities into Adobe Premiere Pro. With Meteor Lake's AI capabilities, features like auto reframe and scene edit detection become accessible, allowing users to automate tasks and enhance their multimedia editing experience. Integrating AI capabilities into PC platforms enhances the user experience and opens up new opportunities for the broader PC industry partner ecosystem. As Intel and Microsoft work together to bring these new AI-enabled features to millions of PC users, they aim to assist their partners in delivering cutting-edge experiences that leverage the power of AI.


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