Microsoft Released New Updated ISOs For Windows 11 22H2 & Windows 10 22H2

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Nov 29, 2022
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Microsoft released new updated ISO files today for Windows 11 version 22H2. The new disc images bring the Moment 2 and Moment 1 feature updates to the general public. The ISOs are based on the month's Patch Tuesday (KB5026372, build 22621.1702) which was released last week. This Patch Tuesday release, among other things, fixed a critical Secure Boot bootkit vulnerability, tracked under CVE-2023-24932. Microsoft also later published a separate guidance piece which explains how one can create secure Windows boot managers.

However, although undocumented, there are apparently plenty of issues in the latest Patch Tuesday (KB5026372). For starters, some users are outright unable to install the update. They seem to be experiencing failure error codes: "0x800f081f" and "80070002". Aside from these, there are also problems related to the VPN. And some people claim older issues like one related to SSD speeds are still unfixed with this update.

You can get the updated Windows 11 22H2 ISOs from Microsoft's official website via the Media Creation Tool. The filename should be "Win11_22H2_English_x64v2.iso".

Aside from Windows 11, Microsoft is also rolling out updated ISOs for Windows 10 as well. You can download it from the official website through the Media Creation Tool option. Like Windows 11, it will contain the latest Patch Tuesday update (KB5026361) for Windows 10. Microsoft recently re-reminded users about the impending end of support for Windows 10 21H2. The tech giant confirmed it will soon start pushing version 22H2 feature update out to such users.


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