Problems with clock


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Nov 4, 2021
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I would like a similar clock on windows 11 to the clock that could be selected and viewed in a window from the taskbar in windows 10. I downloaded the Alarm and Clock app from the store and it has placed an icon on the taskbar, but when I click it nothing happens, and when I check the apps settings, I discover that it is using 0 bytes of memory. I tried to redownload, but as it is already installed, it wasn't possible; I tried to uninstall the app but that isn't possible either - not from a right click on the icon in the programs, or from searching in my C drive, because it wasn't found there. Should I be afraid, I mean very, very afraid, because I've just downloaded the absolutely worst windows OS ever (and sometimes the bar has been very low), and should I return to windows 10, and how many people would recommend I do?

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