Wifi connection suddenly interrupts


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Nov 2, 2023
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Hey i'm having this problem:

I am connected to wifi everythings fine and suddenly the connection disappears.
I check with the wifi symbol and see connected. However i try to disconnect and connect again but now it cant connect to any Network.
I switch wifi off and on again and now it tells me no available connections found.

I can restart the computer and the problem is still present.
I run the problem solution function in windows, i update the drivers or install an older version,
i deactivate wifi and try to reactivate it (at this point occasionally the wifi symbol disappears completley),
i try various combinations in the command prompt like 1. netsh winsock reset 2. netsh int ip reset 3. ipconfig /release 4. ipconfig renew 5. ipconfig /flushdns,
i reset my network settings and restart the computer

nothing works. the only thing that works is turn the computer of and wait maybe overnight. when i restart the computer it might run an automatic systemrepair.
afterwards it works for some time.
Until the whole cycle starts again...

can anyone help me please?

Some system data:
Windows 11 pro x64 (updated from windows 10)
version 10.0.22621
Asus Laptop A17 FA706IH_FA706IH

can provide more but im unsure which one might be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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