How to Install Windows 11 with a Local Account

Article Discussion How to Install Windows 11 with a Local Account


Jun 8, 2021
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Ian submitted a new resource:

How to Install Windows 11 with a Local Account - Windows 11 needs a quick tweak to offer local account creation on install

Windows 11 strongly encourages the use of a Microsoft account to sign in to your PC, so much so that the installation process does not allow you to avoid this if you are using a Home edition and are connected to the internet. If you use the Pro edition or do not have an internet connection, local account creation choices are provided.

To bypass this restriction, please wait until the "Let's add your Microsoft account" stage of the installation process and click Sign-in Options...

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Nov 14, 2021
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I have installed Winsows 11 with a Local Microsoft account, and keep trying to change this my online account, but am not allowed. I get a message that my online account is already in use by another user so can't be used.

There are no other users on this PC other than one for our Sonos system called "Sonos Wireless HiFi System". Could this be the problem? I have Home edition of Windows so am limited in terms of user admin. Help much appreciated.

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