PC won't boot the day after installing windows 11


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Sep 8, 2021
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I installed windows 11, and on the next day, I started my PC and now the following happens : when I turn on my computer, the logo of my motherboard manufacturer ( gigabyte) shows with the keys for bios etc, after that, the windows spinning dots show for a few seconds and then everything disappears and I am left with a black screen. and then a message used to show saying "Reboot and select proper boot device, or insert boot media in selected boot device" in my bios, the boot order is correct. I've tried installing windows 10 via USB, but to no avail, all that shows is the basic menu asking whether to install 64 bit, 32 bit or windows memory diagnostic, the same spinning dots show after 64 bit and 32 bit installs and then the screen goes black again, when I've run the windows memory diagnostic, I left the computer to do its thing and when I came back, it was the same black screen again, I assume that it had finished but yeah, I don't know what to do. Can anyone offer any advice?



Sep 1, 2021
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How many hard drives do you have? If you have more than one it is possible that Windows has installed the boot files to a different drive to the actual Windows installation. To test this theory go into your Bios and choose the Windows Boot Loader as 1st boot option whatever drive it is on and try to restart Windows. If it reboots ok, then you know that's the cause. Disconnect all other drives but your install drive and install from scratch. It is possible to add the boot files to the actual Windows drive with the instructions below -

You can open an Administrative command prompt and type the command below to place boot files in the C partition. Make sure and put spaces where indicated or copy and paste the commands.

bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

Then shut your system down and disconnect the other drive. During reboot, make sure drive 0 is set as the primary boot device. The system should now boot normally but you may not have recovery options available.

Good Luck M8


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