Laptop advice (want a quieter one)


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Nov 7, 2021
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Hi, I currently have a Dell G5 5500 laptop, which has an Intel I7 10th Gen CPU, 16gb Ram and Nvidia Geforce 2070 RTX Max-Q
It was a bit of a mistake getting this laptop, when i got it a few years ago, i was looking for a good spec laptop and wanted to have dedicated graphics (although not so much for games)
Because it is a gaming laptop, it is so loud, it often sounds like its about to take off, and i cannot use it in its performance mode as all the fans pretty much run full speed, which means i never get the full potential from it.
I am looking to maybe sell it and get a replacement, I have been looking at the new Intel 13th gen i7 & i9 laptops, i have seen some with Geforce RTX 4070 and ones with graphics called ADA, although I don't know too much about them.
The graphics don't need to be top of the range or anything, just if i am using an app that takes use of dedicated graphics, it can help rather than the CPU have to do it all.
I am wondering though, will any laptop that has this type of graphics all be really loud when running full speed, or is this just because I have a gaming laptop?
Would a laptop thats designed more for general use not be as loud?
Or are the onboard graphics on the newer i7 and i9 13th gen cpu's pretty good on their own these days anyway?
I guess the other issue is, if i want a 13th gen cpu, the main board is prob only going to support some of the newer / better dedicated graphics, which might be a bit overkill?
Any help would be great.


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Jun 9, 2021
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Well, it really depends of what you are going to do with it. I recently purchased a new Laptop for myself to replace one that was already 17 years old and could no longer keep up.

My specs are as follows:
HP Envy 17t-cr000 customized
Intel i7 12th Gen 12Core CPU (1260P)
Intel Iris XE video card with 4GB memory (not dedicated).
Windows 11 Pro
3 USB-A ports (2 of them with 10GB/s data transfer)
2 USB-C ports (one for charging)
1 HDMI port
SD- card reader, Headphone jack

I also have a UHD display which in retrospect should not have gotten as all UHD video play well in FHD. Live and learn.

So far I have not been able to hear my fans at all. The only negative on this Laptop was the audio system. It sucks (Realtek) although it says on the Laptop "Bang & Olufsen" but I found out that it only applies to the Software that was installed.
Other than that, I am very happy with it.
I had to exchange the 512GB NVMe that came with it for a 2TB NVMe and had to make a fresh install. At least I got rid of the bloatware that usually comes with it.


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Jan 20, 2022
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I would guess it’s the GPU fan that makes the most noise. The upper end of the RTX 20 and 30 series are known to run hot in the desktop world but have more cooling solutions. Perhaps look at something with a lower end 3050 or 4060, that is supposed to be more efficient. Or an AMD machine that has the Radeon graphics built in.

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