Multi Monitor & Taskbar



Hi Everyone, just to get it out there that the multi monitor windows 11 experience is not flawless yet hereby my configuration and what happens.

My system:
Monitors connected with supplied displayports. I did a fresh windows 11 installation 2 days ago and let windows update run all the updates.

When I go to nvidia surround spanning and set my triple monitor so I have 1 screen with a 7680x1440 resolution, the weirdness begins.

1) Sometimes in 100% scaling, it only displays taskbar on the middle screen. Scaling to 125% fixes it, scaling back breaks it again.
2) Hiding the taskbar, does not actually hide it. I see my clock and start icon go down but the bar itself and the system tray icons stay.
3) At 125% scaling some but not all windows (e.g. the EA launcher did this) get partially hidden behind the start bar when I make them full screen on my non primary monitor.
4) This one time while trying to fix the task bar it ended up on the TOP of my left monitor and there was no option I could quickly find to move it back :p

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