Recovering Windows 11


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May 20, 2022
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I messed up Windows 11 when I resized my linux partition in gparted, after this when I tried to boot Win 11 from the grub menu, I was getting two lines of error about gpt and windows manager, etc.

Searching for solutions lead me to few stack exchange pages, where the users suggested, I install mbr, lilo and fix the Windows problem, I ran this on the system driver lilo gave me an error, so I installed in on the drive like sda, this completely eliminated the Windows boot entry and it is directly booting into linux. As this didn't work, I mbr on the partition on which Win 11 was installed sda3, after doing this, gparted is showing it's file system as unknown, the same file system information is shown for Microsoft reserved partition too.

EFI system partition is fine it shows fat32.

How I get it back to boot, and is it possible to recover Windows partition from unknown filesysten to ntfs, so that I can use Win 11?



Feb 3, 2022
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win 11 is a complete reinstall. it will require gpt format partition which windows iso will supply
during a install of the system.
linux yes i have been there to but the best way is to run linux on a vm system so as not to interfere with windows
it will be necessary to erase the drive clean you can do this during the install process.
if windows can't remove the linux partitions then a third party partition program can do it i use mini disk wizard.
regards john

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