USB-C power configuration

Tom R

Dec 29, 2021
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I have a question for all the gurus and wizards on this forum.

I bought a 3D-printed fan base for my T-Mobile Home Internet Arcaydan gateway. I wanted the quieter Noctua fan but it was out of stock. So thinking I knew what to do, I ordered the exact fan and purchased a USB-C pigtail thinking I could eliminate the A-to-C adapter. Wired everything and connected the new fan cable to the second USB-C port of the gateway. Everything powered up except the fan. I checked the voltage and nothing. Lots of tinkering and head scratching later I found that if I plugged the C fan lead into a C to A adapter the fan would run. Plugged the C pigtail into my desktop, no power. Used an adapter and the 5 volt was there. So, here is my question. What the hell is happing and why does the A to C adapter make it work?

Someone, please explain what is happening here!

Tom R.


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