Windows 11 Freezes When Changing Default App


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May 9, 2024
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I recently bought a new HP laptop. Whenever I try to change the default app for opening a file, whether through system settings or by right-clicking and selecting "Open with," my system freezes. This freeze typically needs a reboot or I have to wait 5-10 minutes.
I don't have any additional antivirus software installed apart from Windows Defender, and I've even tried disabling Windows Defender, but the issue persists.
I appreciate your help.

The Shadow 2023

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Jan 22, 2023
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Since you're fairly new here, I'll repeat something that I've said many times in the past:

If someone GAVE me a brand new HP Laptop, with any version of Windows on it, the first thing I'd do is....

First, make sure I could boot up with a bootable Flash Drive, and then boot up with one of my own Flash Drives that has the latest version of Windows 11 on it and do a Clean Install.
Today, that would be Windows 11, 24H2, V2, from X-Lite.

HP has always had a tendency to fool around with the versions of Windows that they put on their PC's. Doing a Clean Install gets rid of all the HP BS, as well as a whole lot of MS BS.

Good Luck Mate!
Shadow :cool:
PS: Please revisit your control panel, here on this forum, and finish filling it out, with your location, as well as your system spec's.
That will greatly assist anyone wanting to help you in the future.


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