Windows 11 network connection to Windows 10 machine is erratic.


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Oct 11, 2021
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Yesterday, I was able to connect to my Windows 10 computer over the network to find some previously downloaded utilities (VLC and others) for installation. I was able to enter the computer using the path "\\COMPUTERNAME\SHARENAME" after entering and saving the appropriate credentials.

Today, I want to repeat the task to copy some media files to my laptop before I go travelling, but I cannot access the same Windows 10 computer.

It keeps asking for my credentials and eventually fails with Unspecified Error 0x80004005.

If after several tries, I cancel Username/Password and allow the diagnostic tool to run, it says "You don't have permission to access the share."



Screenshot 2021-10-11 135613.png

Very odd indeed, because if I use the IP Address to access the network computer, "\\\SHARENAME", then I can access the network without issues:


Does anyone have any ideas?


Jun 11, 2021
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It's been a while since there hasn't been as issue with using the UNC path, dependent on NetBIOS (or WINS) naming to connect to network shares.
I mostly have come to resolving that as you did....
On my small home network, I statically assign IPv4 addresses to host machines and then map those with the IP address.

I'm pretty sure it's a result of the machines arguing over which will be the "BrowseMaster" which always seems to take an extended period of time to sort out and become reliable (until you reboot the machine(s) and the contest begins anew.
Makes me long for the old NetBEUI days of Windows 95.

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