Windows 11 UI


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Jun 11, 2021
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Full Disclosure: I'm generally, reasonably content with the default User Interface
Further Full Disclosure: I purchased licenses for both of these


So I decided to take Start11 for a test drive and installed it just now (after creating a full system image)
I've got to say... It looks pretty cool


Don't get me wrong, you still can't grab the taskbar and place it willy-nilly anywhere you want to (just top or bottom for now)
But the Start Menu looks good, the tiles seem to function properly although they don't seem to actually be "live tiles" any longer, but you can group them and name the groups, but you can't nest them and the old systray / notification area is still pretty lame
BUT this is an early release so we might see some future improvements, who knows.

Personally, I'm gonna restore my image and go back to the default UI.
I just thought, that those of you longing for the good old days of a month ago, might be interested in what's out there.
It also has a Windows 7 "style" option, which I didn't test, because I wasn't particularly interested in those "good old days"

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