Windows 11 freezing with green screen...


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Feb 20, 2023
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Ever since upgrading from Win 10 to Win 11, I have been getting an occasional freeze-up. With just a few exceptions, it has been while viewing videos, primarily YouTube videos. First, the screen will go solid green and then a few seconds later the audio will stop. Nothing is displayed and nothing responds. The only way to recover is to hold the off button for a few seconds until it shuts down and then restart it. You can go back to where you were, and it will always work just like it's supposed to. It may fail again in 5-10 minutes, or it may work perfectly for 2-3 weeks -- long enough that you no longer expect it to happen.

I've found lots of search results talking about the green screen of death and it being just the preview version of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) but this doesn't look like a BSOD. There is nothing presented on the screen, it's just a blank green screen. Plus, the BSOD comes with an immediate stoppage of everything. This will actually continue to play the audio for a while. Still, I have tried everything they suggest and it hasn't made any difference.

Has anyone experienced this and, if so, have any insight into what is happening and why?

Thanks in advance,



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